Connected Mobility systems bring the car to the internet age. They enable telematics, value-added services, infotainment, location-aware applications as well as superior safety and comfort and will create a whole new experience for drivers and passengers.

Lesswire has actively contributed to this development by providing automobile manufacturers and their suppliers with systems enabling them to implement applications such as:

  • In-vehicle internet & entertainment
  • Wireless connection of board systems
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Emergency call
  • Navigation and driver assistance
  • Theft protection and vehicle tracking and recovery
  • Car2Car and Car2Infrastructure communication

Connected Mobility Systems

Car and Coach Hotspots

LTE and UMTS WLAN Router for Data Highspeed on the Road

The automotive WLAN routers by lesswire allow end devices such as notebooks, smartphones or tablets to reliably access the internet even at high vehicle speeds. Moreover, with the integrated media server of the new Wi4U an individual on-board entertainment program can be offered.


Telemetriy Platform

Flexible Hardware Platform for Automotive M2M Applications, Telematics and In-car Connectivity

The Telemetry Platform provides OEMs with a hardware platform enabling them to implement Connected Car applications at reduced effort and time-to-market.