New LED illumination concept at our site in Radeberg

Reducing energy consumption in our manufacturing facility by means of a new LED illumination concept - Prettl "GoZero"

With the installation of innovative LED lighting, including a control system, in our manufacturing facility, the Radeberg site and headquarter of Prettl Electronics takes yet another significant step foreward following the "GoZero" strategy of the Prettl Group:

  • cutting of CO2 emissions by more than 50 tons per year
  • reduction of electrical power dedicated to lighting by 65% per year
  • lowering the error rate by 20% (related to human activity)

The increase of work efficiency and the reduction of CO2 output are our predominant goals. By means of the solutions from Luxon we lower energy consumption related to facility lighting and simultaneously increase comfort for our employees by generating a uniform illumination of the shop floor.

Link to video (Luxon)