Car Hotspot / Public Hotspot

Areas with low reception and high speeds make reliable access to the Internet in the vehicle very difficult.

The Wi2U is a UMTS to WLAN router enabling a reliable and secure internet connection for end user devices such as smart phones, tablets or laptops in vehicles.



Wi2U for:


Wi2U car hotspot for the young and young at heart

The internet has become a multifunctional medium and serves as the primary source for information and communication. For the young and young-at-heart generation in particular, mobile internet is becoming increasingly important.

Music and more at its best - surf the web, listen to web radio and tweet - all with your Wi2U router.

On the way to our holiday destination, after a while our choice is limited to white noise or pop music in some strange foreign language. Your favourite radio station is left behind, leaving you to desperately search for some halfway decent music to accompany you on your long drive, or to later get you in party mood. Wouldn't it be nice to switch on your favourite radio station via the internet, or choose some cool web radio station? 

Not a problem with the Wi2U! Affixed to the glove department, supplied with power from the cigarette lighter or directly from the car battery, an internet connection is established within seconds, and your car becomes a mobile WLAN hotspot. Your passengers can surf the internet with a netbook or laptop, tablet PC or eBook reader, enjoy music, look for traffic information, or find a tourist guide to research the best locations to visit at your destination.

Web radio, entertainment and communication on tour - the endless possibilities of internet on the go

Simply mounted in the vehicle, the WLAN to UMTS router Wi2U provides a reliable internet solution when you're on the go. The router can utilise your SIM card to establish a UMTS connection, and provides connectability for up to eight devices, allowing all passengers to surf the web simultaneously. Kill time with online games, find funny video clips, communicate with friends on Twitter, and skype with friends via VoIP or simply make your colleagues jealous - enjoy the infinite possibilities of the internet from your car. The Wi2U also offers a state-of-the-art theft protection and integrated GPS module: Quickly and safely reach your destination, even without planning ahead.


With Wi2U car hotspot your car is a mobile office

Having a quick look at your emails, or finishing your presentation for the meeting ... All you need is a Wi2U WLAN router, converting your car into a mobile WLAN hotspot. 

Because of its small size, the WLAN router with integrated GPS module is easily installed in your car. The Wi2U supports reliable and fast internet connectivity for to up to eight devices via UMTS. In comparison, UMTS sticks only allow one single user to connect to the internet - i.e. the one who has the stick. The Wi2U WLAN router gets its power either via a plug connection in the cigarette lighter, or can be connected up directly to the vehicle's power supply. 

Your mobile office with internet and VoIP via Wi2U

If you are using the car as a company vehicle, it makes sense to keep a logbook - Wi2U is up to that task too. Instead of entering all data by hand, you create an electronic logbook and save time and taxes - comfortably and easily. 

The Wi2U-integrated GPS module has a global positioning feature, which allows for active and flexible route-planning. And as an additional feature, your WLAN router acts as theft protection: Once this feature is enabled, you will receive an SMS and/or email notification, letting you know that the device was activated - which happens automatically, when the car's engine starts - and where it is. This could also help you find your car in a huge parking lot.

Bus and Taxi Operators

Wi2U public hotspot for service-oriented bus and taxi companies

The internet is one of the most-used media today. Researching information, calling your friends at the other end of the world, interacting in social networks, exchanging images and videos - the possibilities of the internet are unending and practically limitless. Why not let your passengers enjoy its benefits.

As the operator of a bus company, you can now offer this added value to your customers. The Wi2U WLAN to UMTS router is a compact device that is easily installed in the vehicle, and is powered via the cigarette lighter or the car's own power supply. A SIM card enables UMTS connection, which allows several users to connect to the internet at the same time. While comparable routers can often only handle up to five end devices, the Wi2U can support eight devices at the same time.

To setup a public hotspot, more safety is needed that can be guaranteed by our partner and provider HOTSPLOTS. As a link between World Wide Web and the user he offers the possibility of authentification, so the control will be always on your side.

With Wi2U now also on the go: Immerse yourself in the vast universe of the internet

Passengers can be supplied with relevant information on a city tour, which is sent to the various end devices via WLAN, and is displayed there. Participants can upload images of the various sights directly to Flickr or Facebook, or even send them to friends; they can communicate via social networks or blog about their vacation and share their experiences with each other.

But the mobile WLAN hotspot is not just added value for the passengers - the driver and indeed the operating company benefit from many useful options: VoIP allows for quick and low-cost communication between the vehicle and headquarters, and even between vehicles. Traffic information is available at the driver's fingertips, and navigation and geopositioning features are available via GPS.

WLAN hotspot in bus and taxi

The Wi2U WLAN to UMTS router will of course also be an attractive option for taxi services, who wish to offer their customers an impressive additional service. Business travellers can download documents on the trip from the airport to the meeting. The operating company and taxi driver benefit from low-cost communication and effective vehicle coordination with the help of the integrated GPS geopositioning system. The Wi2U offers an 'always on' internet connection, and impresses with numerous useful features, which benefit the bus or taxi operating company and their clients as well.

Fleet Business

Wi2U public hotspot supports fleet management

Pinpoint the exact location of any vehicle in your fleet via GPS. Vehicles are quickly located, and logbooks are updated automatically. Communication between vehicles and base becomes simpler and more cost-efficient with the help of internet telephony. 

An urgent transport order is received. GPS allows you to pinpoint a vehicle on its way back to base, and close to the client's location. The driver is contacted via Skype, and the urgent job is quickly taken care of. 

Vehicle GPS Device

Any type of vehicle can be retrofitted with the Wi2U (vehicle GPS device) to enhance fleet management and control. In addition to geopositioning, the device offers VoIP communication for faster and better vehicle organisation. Since the manufacturer lesswire is a member of the Car2Car Communication Consortium, the product is backed by a company with extensive expertise. 

Added value for passengers

The 'always on' availability of the mobile internet service offers added value to passengers. They get to enjoy the benefits of mobile internet access in the vehicle on their individual end devices. In particular, by shifting various applications to the 'cloud', significant benefits can be achieved.