Car Hotspot / Public Hotspot

Areas with low reception and high speeds make reliable access to the Internet in the vehicle very difficult.

The Wi2U is a UMTS to WLAN router enabling a reliable and secure internet connection for end user devices such as smart phones, tablets or laptops in vehicles.




  • Reliable Internet connection in the vehicle via GSM, UMTS, HSPA
  • WLAN Access Point for up to 8 devices
  • Public Hotspot feature
  • Positioning via integrated GPS module 
  • Suitable for Virtual Private Network (VPN) 
  • 12/24 V power supply 
  • Suitable for web radio, IP telephony, maps

Positioning and Theft Protection

Through its integrated GPS module the Wi2U WLAN to UMTS router helps car owners to find their car and also supports theft protection. Users receive an SMS or email notification with the date and the car's position. This happens whenever the device was activated, e. g. when the car's engine starts.

Reliable Internet for up to 8 Users

The Wi2U UMTS to WLAN router provides a reliable internet connection on the go. The router utilises a SIM card to establish a UMTS connection, allowing up to eight devices to surf the web simultaneously.

Easy Installation

Because of its small size, the Wi2U WLAN router with integrated GPS module is easily installed in your car. The device gets its power either via a plug connection in the cigarette lighter, or can be connected up directly to the vehicle's 12/24V power supply.

Public Hotspot

The Wi2U model Public Hotspot allows commercial users to offer their customers a secure WLAN hotspot in public spaces, like busses or taxis.

Easy Configuration via Web Service

The system can be configured with ease through its internal website, which can be reached with any browser.

Mobile Telephony Settings
  • Netzbetreiber
  • Roaming (Nutzung des Internets im Ausland)
WLAN Settings
  • Network name (SSID)
  • Password (WPA-2 encryption)
Theft Protection Settings
Public Hotspot Settings

 Configuration Page


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