Car Hotspot / Public Hotspot

Areas with low reception and high speeds make reliable access to the Internet in the vehicle very difficult.

The Wi2U is a UMTS to WLAN router enabling a reliable and secure internet connection for end user devices such as smart phones, tablets or laptops in vehicles.



Car Hotspot

Public Hotspot

  Wi2U car hotspot Wi2U public hotspot
Mobile internet via GSM, UMTS, HSPA    
WIFI access for up to 8 users    
Secure VPN access to your corporate network    
Reliable VoIP calls, e.g. Skype    
Location-based services using GPS    
Anti-theft features using GPS    
Low-radiation inside the car through external antennas    
Power supply via cigarette lighter or electrical system    
Simple firmware update via internet    
Suitable for single use (private/business)    
Fleet management connection    
Suitable for bus and taxi companies. Supported by public hotspot service provider hotsplots