Automotive LTE - WLAN router and multimedia server

Areas with low reception and high speeds make reliable access to the Internet in the vehicle very difficult.

The Wi4U is an LTE to WLAN router for cars, coaches, trains and commercial vehicles. It is enabling a reliable and secure internet connection for smart phones, tablets, notebooks or any types of WLAN clients.






  • LTE / UMTS / GMS reliable high speed internet connection in the vehicle
  • Multimedia server for audio and video streaming
  • WLAN Access Point for up to 100 devices
  • Public Hotspot feature
  • Support of fleet management applications
  • Positioning via integrated GPS module 
  • Suitable for Virtual Private Network (VPN) 
  • Remote management and firmware updates
  • 12/24 V power supply 

Keep track of your vehicles

The integrated GPS receiver ensures you know where your vehicles are located at all times.

Integrate to corporate infrastructure

The Wi4U pro can optionally connect your onboard devices to your company network.


The overall capacity onboard your vehicles can be easily expanded by means of cascading.

Find information, work, communicate, play games or simply watch a film. Upgrade the travel experience for your passengers!

Always connected

The Wi4U pro LTE-WLAN router from lesswire offers coach or public transport operators a reliable, simple and inexpensive option for providing their passengers with a fast Internet connection while on the move.

Flexibly secure

You can set up a legally compliant public WiFi hotspot with the help of lesswire‘s cooperation partners. You can use the hotspot to offer your customers access to the Internet either for a fee or free of charge.

Entertainment included

Plenty of options for customers: Passengers can easily access entertainment such as films, music or electronic news via the integrated media server.

Additional revenue streams

Address your passengers with targeted, group specific advertising.


WAN connections up to 100 Mbit/s

Wireless LAN
Onboard WLAN up to 300Mbit/s for more than 100 devices 

Manage multiple SIM cards when travelling across borders

USB storage for media content

Connecting additional devices

Vehicle location

Certified and qualified
CE, R&TTE certificate, E1 approval for use in motor vehicles, qualified according to automotive standards, EN50155 approval for use in rail vehicles and trains