Telematics Control Unit

Customise your TCU based on the existing and pre-certified lessySTAR hardware development platform.



Platform-based development and manufacturing of telematics hardware solutions

Telematics Re-Invented

Platform-based development and manufacturing of telematics hardware solutions


The BASE board provides a standardised foundation on which the customisable VARIO PCB piggybacks. It is like a tooling equipment with a multitude of tools to be attached to.

Easily adapt elements of the specification to meet new market demands or applications.

The nested design approach delivers flexibility regarding specification while averting time and cost for extra certifications. New specifications represent assembly variants, not re-designs.

One telematics hardware platform covering applications from simple asset tracking to safety relevant data management tools.

safe STAR
A patent-pending concept addressing the requirements of the EU Cyber Resilience Act.

Mobile Connectivity

Connect your vehicle to the cloud. Select from a variety of wired and wireless interfaces to collect & transmit vehicle data.

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Features & Options

Create your very own telematics control unit by specifying the BASE and VARIO board to meet the requirements of your application.